Creative Writing, Prose

Scene with Valentine and Alphonse

Written for a Creative Writing Course. The prompt was to create a character from two others. For this, I created Valentine, who is a mix between Drusilla and Spike, from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

– Why?! Why did you make me do this?! – She screamed, her voice raw, her tears red, mixing her blood with that of her parents. Her blue eyes rimmed in red, luminous even in this state, wide open with terror – He was your brother! She was your…

– Because they betrayed me! – He roared, turning his face towards her. – I loved her! I loved you! I knew she was pregnant with you! I saw her, but she didn’t wait for me! – He walked towards the man’s corpse, mangled and broken, lying next to the sofa. – And he – he kicked the corpse’s head, which broke like a watermelon would -, he just couldn’t wait to steal her away from me!

Valentine crawled towards the bodies of her parents, pain invading every inch of her body, every cell of her being. She almost didn’t hear him when he said: – Come now, child. You belong with me now.

She stared at her mother’s once beautiful face, her black hair, just like her own, matted with dried blood and dirt. – I’d rather die. – she whispered, caressing her mother’s face and closing her eyes.

At this, Alphonse laughed loudly, manically. – Oh, dear, but you are dead! And believe me; it could be much worse… After a while, you start to enjoy it.

With the force only a newborn fledgling has, Valentine used a chair leg as a stake and crossed his heart with it. It wouldn’t kill him, she knew that, but it would buy her some time.

– I’d rather die a thousand deaths than be a monster like you. I swear to any god, if there is one, that I will end you for this.

She walked out of the room while he continued laughing like the most hilarious thing had happened. She came back with a large gas can, the one her father kept in the garage, and started pouring the flammable liquid over her parents’ corpses.

– What are you doing? – Alphonse asked, nervous for the first time.

– Finishing what you started. Isn’t this what you wanted? To destroy everything? – She asked, looking directly into his eyes. He saw madness in those eyes, the same madness he knew was in his.

– You’ll destroy yourself, you don’t want that, listen to me, you want to live and enjoy, right? You are my daughter! – He started yelling.

She smiled at that.

– I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. – she said, before lighting a match and throwing it on the rug, drenched in blood and gasoline. The fire caught easily enough, and she stared at it for a few moments, imprinting the scene into her memory, before walking away from it.

– Valentine, you release me in this instant! – Alphonse screamed, feeling the flames slowly creeping towards him. – You come back right now!

She walked and walked, and walked, and walked, until the first rays of sunlight started coming out. She could not fix what had happened, but she would try her best to get the pieces of her soul back together.


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