Creative Writing, Prose

A regular afternoon

Written for a Creative Writing course.

Oh, for the love of…

What’s with these people, anyways? It’s like they don’t even have a home of their own. Don’t they know how to cook for themselves? And it’s not even lunch or dinner time, it’s not even 4 o’clock! And how come they’re not working? Hello! It’s MONDAY! Don’t you people have stuff to do other than crowd the place like it was your house?

Well, FINE, I’ll share my precious space with you. It’s not like I have anything else to do, anyways. Whatever. You can just come barging into the place like nobody’s business, disturbing the quiet afternoon, and leaving muddy footprints all over the place… wait, muddy? Is it RAINING? OH FOR F***! Well, THANK YOU, GOD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Oh, sure, don’t mind me, am I bothering you? I’ll just move out of your way, who wanted to rest in the corner anyways? Yeah, yeah, you’re effing welcome, you prat. I hate you and I hope you get run over by an airplane. Don’t you dare to put your hands on me, you filth! Get AWAY FROM ME.

But of course, it’s not enough to move away, one must behave in front of the visits, Heaven forbid one does anything uncouth or displeasing, I would never hear the end of it. No, none of that. Here, you must behave like a princess, smile all the time, be gentle and well mannered, and never do something rude to anyone. Sit quietly, smile, be gentle.

Oh, how I hate all this hypocrisy.

If only they knew, if they all knew, nobody would ever come back. If they knew what my smile hides, what thoughts lie behind my green eyes and the anger hidden by my black bangs, they would run, run so far away, they would trip over themselves in their haste. There would be terror in their eyes, and their fear would feed me for eons to come.

– Here’s the check, darling, I hope you enjoyed your tea!

– Oh, thank you, ma’am, it was delicious! Just what I needed in this rainy afternoon! By the way, ma’am, can I take a picture of your cat? It’s so beautiful and fluffy!

– Sure, darling! Isn’t she precious? And she’s so well behaved it’s like she understands everything I tell her! Look how placid she is!

Terror in their eyes, I say.



This is Floyd, and he belongs to my friends Leo and Daniela. He’s adorable, and (I hope) nothing like the story. He’s the cutest cat who ever cuted.



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