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DnD 30-Day Challenge – Day 1: How you got started

It was a sunny Saturday in 1998. My best friend Leo invited me to his house to play games. I assumed he was talking about video games, so imagine my surprise when I arrived and I saw him and another couple of friends immersed in math calculations and filling weird sheets with columns. Hell, no, I was not going to do homework!

I was just about to leave when he told me “here, read this (handing me the AD&D Player’s Handbook) and choose what race and class you want to be” and that was it. I was hooked. That first time we created characters for a campaign in Forgotten Realms. I remember that I created a human wizard (sorcerer? I can’t remember, but it was a spell caster) and I was baffled by THAC0, skill slots, and all those dice! But what captured me was the fact that I was a character in a story, and as an avid reader, a good story is air for me.

After that, well, there have been a lot of great characters and great stories, but that is for another day.


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