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DnD 30-Day Challenge – Day 3: Favorite Playable Class

This is too difficult, can I have another question? No? Oh, well…

I have played wizards, sorcerers, warriors, rangers, barbarians, druids and lately clerics (I haven’t played a rogue so far) and I think my favorite class has been Warrior, and I would love to play a dual class warrior/spellcaster, sort of a Final Fantasy Red Mage.

Right now I am playing a Halfling Cleric of the Church of Tymora, Our Lady of Luck, all hail her name! but I am thinking of multiclassing with Warlock and Rogue, because Parsi is a resourceful little critter. I chose Life Domain so my healing spells are pretty good, but I want to do more than just being the party’s nurse. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


This is Parsifae Cloverleaf, better known as Parsi


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