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DnD 30-Day Challenge – Day 8: Favorite Character You Have Played

My favorite character I have played was a Half-Vistani woman called Céline, she was a dancer with a theater troupe and found the rest of the party stranded in the middle of a forest when having some “fun” with a gentleman who didn’t know how to take no for an answer. The gentleman in question was later killed by… something. I was blamed, the party tried to intervene, we were all thrown in jail, and after a lot of strife and conflict, and finding my dying father (who was a rich member of Richemulot’s society) we managed to kill the… thing, that took the life of the not-so-gentle gentleman. The wrath of the Renier family fell upon our group and with the help of a Vistani caravan we managed to cross the mists, but where the Powers decided to throw us, I have no idea.


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