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DnD 30-Day Challenge – Day 10: Craziest thing that’s happened that you saw (to your character/party/your players, etc.)

Two things, and both happened in the same session!

Ok, so I was a cleric, I think, and I was at home sleeping. I heard a noise in the window, like tac-tac-tac, and went to see what it was. I opened the curtain and saw a majestic white owl there, with eyes that held the wisdom of the universe. I was entranced by it so I opened the window, and when I grazed it with my hand, I was transported to a different place where I found the rest of the party.

Fast forward to the following day when the party was already a thing, we were on the road and stopped at an inn for the night. I was sleeping, and the same tac-tac-tac noise woke me up. I went to the window to see if it was the owl again, AND THEN A FREAKING SKELETON ATTACKED ME! The tac-tac-tac noise was caused by ITS BONES! So it broke the glass, grabbed me by the neck and threw me out of the window, and that’s how the cleric died in the first encounter.

After the battle (and after by some miracle my character was revived) we continued with our mission (I don’t even remember what it was) but we needed horses. We found a stable and the guy said that yes, he would give us horses but he was so, so lonely and he needed some company (if you get the meaning) so the party wanted me to take one for the team, but there was this warrior (maybe a paladin) in our party and he was gorgeous (meaning his charisma was 19), and the stableman decided he wanted the warrior to keep him warm for the night. The morning after, the paladin’s (or warrior) charisma dropped to 6 because he felt dirty and used. I just now realize that he was raped and we just laughed about it. That makes me sad, even if it was an imaginary event.



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