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When you are sick of your job but you can’t leave it until you find a new one

Yeah, you know it. You started a new job and were excited about the new opportunity and the novelty of it all, but as time passes and the novelty wears off, you realize your salary is crap, your boss is toxic, there’s no possibility to grow in the company and it’s not worth it to spend 3 hours on public transportation to go to work and go back home. It’s just not worth it. Continue reading

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Here we go again

Hey-lo! Long time no see! Blah blah blah, it’s been five months since my last post. Yeah, I’m lazy.

Well, yeah, I AM lazy, but that’s not why I had not updated (at least not the only reason). In all truth, I’d been really busy until February 11th, which is the day that I quit a job that made me really miserable (there’s a post about it, but since I was raving mad in it, I made it private) but long story short, that job made me miserable, and no salary is worth feeling miserableContinue reading

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I don’t care if I don’t look pretty, big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

Yesterday we had to put down my dog.

His name was Oliver, he was 7 years old, and he was the noblest dog I’ve ever met. He never, ever, harmed any other creature, man or animal. He even left me take food out of his mouth. He’s a four legged angel now, I guess. All dogs go to Heaven. I’ll believe in Heaven for him. Continue reading

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5 things everybody should know about being a teacher.

My dear friend Astolfo gave me a prompt, “There are five things everybody should know about…” The first thing that came to my dust filled mind was shoes, but when I sat down to actually write, well, things took a different turn. So, here it is.

There are five things everybody should know about being a teacher. A lot of people think it’s an easy job, clearly they don’t remember themselves as kids, and I’m sure they’ve never stepped into a classroom full of the screaming, dangerous creatures that they call their precious children. Teaching, though rewarding, is a very difficult, tiring and demanding profession, and the next time you plan to jump on your kids’ teacher and yell at her for whatever you think is a perfect reason, think about: Continue reading

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Resoluciones de año nuevo y esas cosas que uno nunca cumple…

Todos los años, TODOS, me propongo una serie de cosas a las que me apego cuando mucho un par de meses y cuando muy poco un par de días. Perder peso, hacer ejercicios, ser más productiva, aprender algo nuevo, son todas cosas que prometo que haré, pero inevitablemente la rutina, el cansancio y, para ser completamente honesta, la flojera, me alejan de mis propósitos. Quisiera decir que este año será diferente, que no caeré en el auto-sabotaje y que esta vez sí lograré mis metas, pero no soy tan optimista. Así que decidí hacer las cosas un poco diferente este año, y en vez de establecer metas para todo el año, lo dividí por trimestres: Continue reading

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De calabozos, dragones, y personas, o por qué los juegos de rol son geniales


Hace años un amigo me prestó su Manual del Jugador de Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2° Edición, y por despistada lo dejé en el salón de clase. Cuando volví a buscarlo me encontré con que una de mis profesoras quería tener una Conversación Muy Seria acerca de D&D. Continue reading