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When you are sick of your job but you can’t leave it until you find a new one

Yeah, you know it. You started a new job and were excited about the new opportunity and the novelty of it all, but as time passes and the novelty wears off, you realize your salary is crap, your boss is toxic, there’s no possibility to grow in the company and it’s not worth it to spend 3 hours on public transportation to go to work and go back home. It’s just not worth it. Continue reading

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By your side…

In your arms there are countless kinds of every imaginable weapon, enabling me to fight by your side.

Your heart quietly gazes to me from a world of light.

When I fall into the deepest corners of darkness, you refuse to let me wander.

Your faith hopelessly and stubbornly supports me, pulling me strongly towards the pool of life.

If you were to stay by my side, I would even be able to bend the will of God.

If you were to be lost to me, I would not be afraid of dying.

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Know yourself…

I don’t exactly know who I really am, not before and not now. But I know very well who I want to be. The thing is that, in life, nobody cares to know who you are, they care about what you’re not. It’s so much easier to classify you and categorize you that way. I’ve been categorized as a smart aleck, a know-it-all, a bookworm. Do I want to stay that way?

I don’t know…

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We all like to think that the world ends with us…

The truth is that our acquaintances, our friends and our loved ones live on, and, through them, so do we. It’s not about what you had, it’s about what you gave. It’s not about what you looked like, it’s about what you did with the time that was given to you, how you lived your life. And it’s not only about being remembered. It’s about giving people a good reason to remember you.

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Once we start transforming, we never stop. We change. Not completely, but we more or less adapt to our new shape, our new feelings. The hardest part of this natural process is to go with the flow and let it happen. There is a moment and a place in life for each thing. A moment to be someone, and once that has happened, an opportunity to become someone else. And, if we’re lucky, there’s also a moment to love somebody and become a loved person, too.